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New Member: Arnold 23 y.o (Paris, France)     Private Story: First Anus Penetration

Hello guys! My name is Arnold.

I am sending this story from a beautiful French city - Paris! I've been gay since I turned 14 years old. Now I'm 23 and am still looking for a good friend and a sex partner.

As a member of I was asked to write about my first sex experience to publish on this great site. Sorry for my english... here is my private story...

When I was a teenager I had a secret - I was anxious to feel a huge cock in my young hole. And I did it with one of my school mates, Alexander.

I remember the day when Alexander gave me a kiss, and we headed arm in arm to my bedroom. He stretched out next to me and kissed me long and hard as his hands massaged my ass. He soaked his fingers in my mouth, then gently probed my anus, managing to get one finger in. I loved the feeling even thought there was a slight burning sensation.

He coated two of his fingers and returned to probing my ass as he kissed me, first on the lips, then on my nipples, and back again. He was very gentle and patient as his finger finally penetrated. He kept it still for a while to let me get used to the sensation.

Soon he was able to start finger fucking me without causing me pain. I started to moan, pushing against his fingers to get more penetration. Then he stopped and had me get up on my hands and knees.

He gripped my hips with both hands and was pulling almost all the way out before yanking my hips back as whipped his cock forward. I lost control of the motion, feeling like a play toy as I was thrust back and forth, my ass burning with pleasure and pain. Finally, Alexander cried out through clenched teeth as he spurted into me, slamming me so hard that my face was buried in the pillows.

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